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Movicon CE is a runtime engine for Windows CE that offers HMI solutions powerful and open. Just one development platform and your Movicon XML projects can be run on Win32, Win64 or WinCE indifferently.

Movicon™ CE is the most powerful HMI platform avialable for  Windows™ CE today, wholly capable of satifisying your every need in visualization and control in a compact environment without forgoing the potentiality of the Scada system.

Movicon™ CE is a runtime engine with runs the same Movicon™ 11 XML projects. 
Your projects can therefore be run on your HMI device, in operator terminals, PDA, Palmtop PCs, Smartphones, mobile and Wireless Systems (Pocket PC and HPC2000), autonomously and independently, without needing client stations and other applications.  In fact, your WinCE device can be the Server or Web Server itself, to other client stations.   Movicon™ CE, installed on your WinCE device will therefore run projects created by your Movicon™11 platform: one project only, the same file, run on different platforms all made possible by the project's XML structure.  This means much greater management simplicity, significant reductions in maintenance costs and maximum information transparency.



XML based Projects
In terms of costs, having all you need in just one programming environment to develop your projects, means you save.   And not only, the Movicon™ 11 XML structured projects allow you to run the same project file both in Windows™ Vista/XP and WinCE, without having to be compiled. 
Movicon™11 consents uploading and downloading of projects from and to devices, and remote debugging of projects run locally on the device.


Movicon™ CE provides you with the possibility to create compact and powerful HMI visualization systems.  Movicon™ CE can be deployed in HMI system based on small and compact Touch Screens, based on Windows CE 5.0 or 6.0.  For instance, Movicon™ CE is the HMI software for 320x240 color Touch Panels  (1/4 of VGA) but can also be scaled in grey, up to high-grading terminals with 6”, 8” 10” monitors and superior.  Other typical Movicon™ CE applications have been deployed onboard mobile and wireless systems (PocketPC such like), both as supervision Client stations and ‘stand alone' mobile applications. 
All due to Movicon™ CE, the operator terminal becomes a small Scada station, offering independency from hardware, network connectivity with superior information systems (Scada, MES managerial) enhancing onboard machine potentiality.







  • The advantages you get from using Movicon™ CE are:

    • Open to project application integration with the same software on diverse hardware terminals .
      The advantage you get from this is that you can keep the same software intact even when changing operator panels, leaving you to freely choose the hardware most suited to your needs.  For instance, the same project can be run on any Touch Panel based on Windows™ CE, or on any PDA palmtop based on PocketPC: changing the hardware product now means you no longer have to redo software, this gives you major independence and saves you time and money.
    • Openness to product line machine information integration with all factory floor levels to enterprise-wide management information levels.
      Having freedom in circulating information is an enormous advantage you get in being able to use the Ethernet network and OPC technologies, where today all WinCE operator terminals come equipped with an Ethernet port, consenting to more simplified LAN Business system integrations. Movicon™ CE also supports the Ms SQL CE 3.0 technology, expanding and simplifying historical data managements and integrations further.
    • Potentiality Enhanced
      Movicon™ CE consents almost all the graphics functionalities of the Movicon™ 11 Scada, with a noticeable increase in data visualization potentiality.   The Movicon™ CE graphics potentiality is enormously superior to any other HMI software.  Not only does it have unmatched graphics, all the system's potentialities allow you to go beyond the simple HMI:  powerful Alarm Management, Historical log management with relational DB integratability in net, Trends, Data Analysis, Schedulers, IP Camera, Recipes in DB, VBA Scripts, dispatching E-mails and SMS, Web Client.  All ready-to-use in one powerful and simple programming environment that only Movicon™ can truly provide.
    • Cost Effective
      Movicon™ CE consents the use of an all-in-one developer environment in your company, whether it be Scada supervision on PC or/and HMI operator terminals, with overall cost saves in learning, personnel and maintenance.   Its Openness also means that you save on hardware costs by choosing the devices best suited to your needs and keep the same software intact.   By deploying Movicon™ CE you can visualize and control your factory floor and machines using Microsoft Windows™ CE operating system, guaranteeing maximum software platform scalability, safeguarding your investments. Movicon™ 11 offers an all-in-one developement environment, all you will ever need, united together to create projects from Windows™ Vista/XP to Windows™ CE. 






Movicon is a Progea registered trademark and all rights are reserved.

Movicon is certified as "Designed for Windows XP" by Microsoft and is tested and certified by OPC Foundation.